Bookend to Kelly

We’re looking for a bookend to Kelly Clarkson. Simon might have asked if that was supposed to mean someone wooden or inanimate. But we’re in a kinder, gentler era of Idol judges now. Well, sort of. I mean mocking some contestants as being undateable in J Lo’s phone app wasn’t nice, but let’s face it, we’re talking about J Lo and nobody here’s getting a date, lol.

What comes to mind when you think of Kelly Clarkson? I think of a big voice, but I also think of someone down to earth, humble and likeable. That’s who I think the show is looking for in terms of a bookend.

In past seasons, we often saw a few contestants who seemed very confident and they sometimes came across as abrasive. Some also came across as feeling entitled. In the second episode of this final season, we didn’t see anyone like this going through to Hollywood.

There were two girls who kept apologizing. One was self-deprecating and the other acted overly confident. Only one received a ticket to Hollywood. In this search for a bookend to Kelly, there will be no room for anyone who does not come across as down to earth, humble and likeable.




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