American Idol How Do You Keep the Music Playing?

Everything about Wednesday night’s show made me nostalgic for the glory days of Idol’s past. The clips of Simon, Paula and Randy in action were more fun than the montages of the current judges telling us how much fun they are having. Clay Aiken’s takedown of a contestant wasn’t particularly humorous and highlighted how it’s not easy to replicate Simon Cowell’s vibe. Contestant Amelia Eisenhauer made me long for Crystal Bowersox and Kree Harrison. And don’t get me started on why you would even bring a sword to the auditions in the first place.

There’s not a lot of magic on American Idol so far this season. This episode seemed like a struggle, using the past to stay afloat.

How do you keep the music playing? How do you make it last? How do you keep the song from fading too fast?

I’m hopeful that when we reach the live shows, the energy will pick up and the season will get more exciting. There were a few promising contestants tonight:

Poh – I liked her jazzy sound. Poh seemed more conventional than sister Shi, until Poh revealed she took her name from a Teletubbie.

Jenna Renae – She has a lot of potential. They gave her the Kelly Clarkson edit by having her be charming while accidentally breaking the door.

Adam Lasher – I have no idea what kind of artist he is but he sure cleaned up nicely.

Emily Brook – Radio friendly voice and they are building a Kelly Clarkson worthy story of how hard work pays off.



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