American Idol You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go

The last auditions from the farewell season of American Idol aired last week. They were somewhat entertaining, but not really compelling. They didn’t make me feel sad that American Idol is ending. Some of the auditions made me feel like we’ve been there, done that and maybe it is time to move on. I do think I will miss American Idol, but it’s the live rounds that I’ll miss, not the auditions. Oh, and yes, Hollywood Week too – I always love Hollywood Week and the group rounds.

During the last audition episode, the judges kept saying how the talent was so amazing. I thought they over praised a number of contestants. Here are the contestants I liked:

Jessica Cabral – lovely voice, reminded me of Taylor “Tell it to my Heart” Dayne.

China Sherrod – I liked her version of the Ariana Grande song and she had an appealing personality.

Collette Lush – Team Ginger. Great voice but may come off as overconfident.

Avalon Young – nice vibe and good set up for style makeover story.

Manny Torres – Cute guy, good performance but may not stand out in the crowd.






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