American Idol Every Girl Crazy About Trent

Trent Harmon really delivered during the Top 4 performances. His Sharp Dressed Man was a blast and his version of Chandelier was beautiful. He could not have done better. It was great to see him perform like that. I am hopeful that he is on the road to a spot in the finale.

The Sharp Dressed Trent Harmon
The Sharp Dressed Trent Harmon

Photo Credit: Fox/American Idol

It was also great to see interested, thoughtful mentors. Both Steven Van Zandt and Sia were excellent and helped the contestants  improve their performances. The show was very entertaining. Again, it proved that the Idol concept still works and it’s a shame that Idol didn’t feature mentors like this throughout the season because it probably would have greatly improved things.

Dalton’s fans got a scare when they saw him in the Bottom 2 with Sonika. I’m sure all of his fans voted like crazy that night to make sure he makes it into the Top 3. It seems like Trent is a sure thing for Top 3 as well given his awesome peformances. So that leaves MacKenzie and La’Porsha. The judges gave MacKenzie a tough time – tougher than was merited in my opinion. His first song was only okay but Titanium was good and the judges came across as harsh. Sometimes harsh criticism of a contestant backfires, especially if the person wasn’t really bad. I have a feeling that this could result in a strong sympathy vote. Many people think that MacKenzie will be the next to leave the show, but I would not be surprised if it turns out to be La’Porsha who has the lowest number of votes. If La’Porsha is the next to leave, the judges will express their shock and outrage and Scott Borchetta will likely breathe a sigh of relief.  La’Porsha has consistently given terrific performances and is very talented but you know how the Idol audience loves its cute boys. Every Girl Crazy ‘Bout a Sharp Dressed Man. Oh and did I mention that I love David Cook…



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