Best in the World? Or just good?

This week, Harry Connick, Jr. told one contestant he was good, but that good wasn’t going to cut it. He said they’re looking for spectacular, the best in the world, not just average. That could have been it for that particular contestant, but this week the judges put him through as well as quite a number of others who didn’t strike me as much better than “good.”

Some of the contestants seemed to be getting through more on their stories than anything else. A lot of filler and contestants who don’t look like they have a chance of going beyond the Hollywood round.

Here are the contestants I liked best:

Jenn Blosil – She’s beyond quirky and makes Joey Cook look conventional. I’m not sure whose children she’s caring for.

Issac Cole – I’m gonna do my A Capella song on the guitar.

Tommy Stringfellow – McDreamy crossed with Jonathan Richman!

John Wayne Schultz – Keith Urban tagged him as the winner. Do you think Jax would say he has inside information?

Jordan Simone – She can saaaaaang – whatever age she really is.

What did you think of the talent levels of this week’s contestants?