American Idol It Takes Two

It takes two to make a thing go right. It takes two to make it outta sight.

It takes two to make a thing go right

Photo Credit: Fox/American Idol

La’Porsha Renae and Trent Harmon. Wow. They gave us one of the best finales in Idol history. A great match. Idol is going out on a high note (literally!). I am sad to see Idol coming to an end, but this finale was very satisfying. Both contestants are worthy of the title. I think I have to give a slight edge to La’Porsha (I loved her A House is Not a Home) but Trent was also excellent and they both moved me with their performances. I’ll be happy either way because I think they’d both make fine bookends to Kelly Clarkson. Of course I’ll also be sad because American Idol will be no more and it’s been such a fun show. What a great ride.


American Idol Every Girl Crazy About Trent

Trent Harmon really delivered during the Top 4 performances. His Sharp Dressed Man was a blast and his version of Chandelier was beautiful. He could not have done better. It was great to see him perform like that. I am hopeful that he is on the road to a spot in the finale.

The Sharp Dressed Trent Harmon
The Sharp Dressed Trent Harmon

Photo Credit: Fox/American Idol

It was also great to see interested, thoughtful mentors. Both Steven Van Zandt and Sia were excellent and helped the contestants  improve their performances. The show was very entertaining. Again, it proved that the Idol concept still works and it’s a shame that Idol didn’t feature mentors like this throughout the season because it probably would have greatly improved things.

Dalton’s fans got a scare when they saw him in the Bottom 2 with Sonika. I’m sure all of his fans voted like crazy that night to make sure he makes it into the Top 3. It seems like Trent is a sure thing for Top 3 as well given his awesome peformances. So that leaves MacKenzie and La’Porsha. The judges gave MacKenzie a tough time – tougher than was merited in my opinion. His first song was only okay but Titanium was good and the judges came across as harsh. Sometimes harsh criticism of a contestant backfires, especially if the person wasn’t really bad. I have a feeling that this could result in a strong sympathy vote. Many people think that MacKenzie will be the next to leave the show, but I would not be surprised if it turns out to be La’Porsha who has the lowest number of votes. If La’Porsha is the next to leave, the judges will express their shock and outrage and Scott Borchetta will likely breathe a sigh of relief.  La’Porsha has consistently given terrific performances and is very talented but you know how the Idol audience loves its cute boys. Every Girl Crazy ‘Bout a Sharp Dressed Man. Oh and did I mention that I love David Cook…


American Idol Finish Strong!

We have our Top 5. I hated the way the show ignored America’s vote in selecting the remaining contestants. It flew in the face of the whole premise of American Idol. BUT, and this is a very big BUT (so to speak), now that we’ve gotten there, I have to say that I like this Top 5. The second half of the results show was ON FIRE. It was entertaining in a way that Idol has not been entertaining for the past few season. It was super entertaining. And there were Idol moments. So while there have been bumps in the road during this farewell season, I now feel encouraged that American Idol may be able to finish strong.

One thing that has been missing in recent seasons is the connection that we feel to the contestants. Think of Kelly Clarkson and how taken we were with her story and with her personality. There was an excitement expressed by the contestants about being given this chance to succeed. In later seasons, we saw many semi-professional singers who almost seemed like they felt entitled to the record contract. We definitely didn’t get to bond with them. And they didn’t always come across as humble. This week, the show did a great job of featuring the contestants’ back stories in a way that was very moving and engaging. And it enhanced their performances.

I loved Trent Harmon’s rendition of Simple Man and how sweet was it when he said how he misses his mama. Aww. La’Porsha’s version of No More Drama was emotionally shattering. It was truly an Idol Moment the likes of which we have not seen in seasons. Mackenzie, Dalton and Sonika all came through too. They are a likable bunch. They all come across as nice, humble people who are grateful for the opportunity of being on American Idol. If we’re looking for a bookend to Kelly Clarkson, then those are important qualities. It may be why some of the contestants from the recent past seasons weren’t able to get people invested in them.

Now it did feel like it was kind of late to tell Tristan McIntosh that she is young and not ready. I think it’s a fair assessment, but it’s not like anything has changed during the past few weeks. Didn’t they share that view of her all along? Well, maybe not. Maybe they thought she’d progress more quickly and maybe the results would have been different if this were a longer season like in the past. Tristan had tweeted earlier in the week that there would be no judges’ save that week, but that turned out to not be true. I do wonder whether Sonika had the lowest votes and the show decided to go back to the judges’ save after deciding that Tristan wasn’t really ready. Guess we’ll never know. But it did give Sonika another chance to impress and show that she is listening and steadily improving in performance. I think she’s someone who would definitely have benefited from a longer season. As it stands now, I think Sonika is still likely to be the person who leaves this week. It just feels like the Dalton, Mackenzie, La’Porsha and Trent fan bases are stronger but you never know…



Kelly Clarkson Comes Home to American Idol

A moment like this. Kelly Clarkson sure knows how to give us American Idol moments. On Thursday night, Kelly came home to the show that started her career. She was spectacular in every way. Her comments to the contestants were spot on and actually could be helpful to them (unlike the canned comments we often hear). Kelly was the judge that we have been missing for these past seasons. It was so fun to see her at the judges’ table. But it makes you wonder how much better the past few seasons could have been had Kelly been at that table.

After La’Porsha sang so amazingly, I thought “I wonder if Kelly wants to sing after that performance”. Ha! Kelly Clarkson has no fear! She got up there majorly preggers and killed  her song. She killed it! Piece by Piece was a heartbreaker. She proved that she is the greatest Idol of them all. And quite frankly, she also proved that the best bookend to Kelly Clarkson is none other than KELLY CLARKSON herself.

But alas, we are still searching for a bookend winner for Season 15 and there are some good choices. Standouts were La’Porsha, Dalton, Trent, Sonika and MacKenzie. I thought the weakest performances were given by Gianna and Tristan, but I think the viewers may send Gianna and Lee home. I think Olivia and Avalon are vulnerable. I hope Olivia is not hurt by having sung first (a notoriously tough position) and Avalon could be hurt by her lack of connection to her song. I like both Olivia and Avalon and want them to make it through. Let’s hope their fan bases came out to vote.

For now, I’ll content myself by listening to the triumphant Kelly Clarkson. It would be great if she remained on the show the rest of the season. Kelly – Don’t You Wanna Stay? Don’t You Wanna Stay – Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson